Security starts at home

As soon as the dust settles on one crisis story about internet security, another pops up.

As developers we are on scores of mailing lists, and it is no surprise to find that the bulk of our alerts come from the security business sector. Usually alomg with a ‘cure’ for the particular ailment. It seems to be a bit like going to the Doctor and being advised to take cough medicine from his own brand medicines, even if you only went with a sore foot.

It is pity really, as it can take a bit of time to sort the wheat from the chaff, or coughs from the limps.

The key theme that comes through again and again is that you must keep yourself secure, regular password changes, careful of the type of data you put out onto the internet, check privacy policies etc..

For those of you who might remember Hill Street Blues the phrase goes – ‘Let’s be careful out there!’

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