Solar Flares – mind your Sat Nav!

With the new solar monitoring satellites in place it is nice to have early warning of impending solar activity. There is currently an ‘alert’ on a solar flare pointing directly at earth.

Apart from the ability to give Hollywood B movie makers a plot line, what on earth do we do? The storm flare will affect earth orbit satellites, so comms could be affected, we may have to fall back onto landlines and park our mobiles up for a day or two.

Power lines and switching stations could be affected, so get some candles in and have an early Earth Hour -or day.

Finally sat Nav systems could error, but who actually trusts these gizmos? I have heard stories of drivers following tracks into ponds and running across fields following ancient trackways still on maps and therefore on the software disk. Surely we can park these up for a while, use our eyes and maps, maybe even a bit of common sense.

Come to think of it, watching the hoards of motorists setting the systems as they leave the local supermarket, maybe solar flares should wipe these gadgets out completely, let us old grumpies get back to proper driving, no mobiles, no Sat Nav. At least I could relax and not keep having to watch my mirrors for the driver who is typing in co-ordinates from a friend on a mobile phone while travelling 2 feet from the rear of my car!

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