CMS – Still the need for custom builds.

Although we do quite a lot of WordPress work it often happens that we need to look at a bespoke solution to a problem. Recently I was asked to put together a custom built ‘Articles’ page for The articles needed to be easy to administer, and give the site administrator ability to edit articles once posted and allow the user to select articles by category without the need to keep asking me to make the changes.
Selected articles are served up in a solo page so there was a need to ensure that the title tags, header keywords and description could all be customised by the site administrator to fit the specifics of the article’s content.
The solution was was a simple protected admin menu page that allowed the creation of new articles, with form fields for excerpts, tags, headers description and keywords plus the title tags. An editing menu lists all articles by shortcode and then allows a full edit of all the data fields. All data is stored in a MySQL data table. Apart from the category tag joins
only one table was required as normalisation wasn’t an issue.
As PHP is a server side process it was easy to call the data for the individual article into the page so that the title, SEO keywords and description related to that individual article. As the HTML is rendered after the PHP processing it meant that the browser was passed the SQL data to form the required sections of the <head> tag and create an individual SEO specific article.

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